Garage Door Safety FAQ

Provided by Magic Overhead Door
Serving Flagler and Volusia Counties since 1970

Why is my garage door so noisy and can you fix it?

Noise can be caused by any of number of things such as hinges, bearings, and rollers; snapping operator chain; or idlers and pulleys. We can certainly inspect your garage door, tune it up, and the noise will subside with maintenance such as new rollers to make it quieter.

Should I just try to fix the broken garage door spring myself?

There is a reason why garage door springs are also known as “widowmakers”. Replacing and working with torsion springs is extremely dangerous and has been known to cause serious injuries including death. A reputable, licensed dealer such as Magic Overhead Door would never sell torsion springs to a consumer for this reason.

Why doesn’t my garage door remote work as well as it used to?

It is possible that the range of your garage door remote has been reduced because over the years there has been an increase in towers such as those used for cell phones, thereby creating extra interference. But a garage door tune-up is always a good idea and will most likely make your remote work better than it does.

How often should I have a garage door inspection, maintenance, and tune-up?

Some garage door owners prefer to have a maintenance appointment once a year to insure the safety and security of their garage door. Because the garage door operator is an automated mechanism, it should be inspected and maintained every three to five years to insure a longer life span. A tune-up will include such important points as lubrication of moving parts and application of rust preventative. If you think your garage door is overused, you should consider a tune-up simply to inspect how worn the springs have become.

Is it really that important to use a licensed garage door contractor ?

Absolutely. Because of safety concerns and the specialized details of garage door design and function, you will be better served by a licensed, insured, experienced professional. You would not hire just anyone off the street to repair your roof or your HVAC, so why would you trust one of the most important parts of your home safety and security to a random handyman? Magic Overhead Door is professionally licensed: Volusia County Garage Door Contractor License #GAR06101602 and Flagler County Garage Door Contractor License #FC9938.