Gate Opener Installation

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Gate opener installation by Magic Overhead Door

Control Access To Your Property

Safety of our home, business, property, and family is often on our minds; this is why electric gate automation and access control has come to the forefront of security today. It is not always easy to trust people these days, so going out to open up a gate for someone you do not know has an element of risk. This is why you need Daytona Beach electric gate openers so that you can control access through your gate.

Intercom Systems

Before you open up the gate, you need to remember that you have to know who is out there. This means that you will have to get a voice intercom system so that you can talk to the person at the gate from inside your home, or video intercom system so that you can visually see who is at your gate in order to avoid any problems.

Other Considerations

You will find that the type of gate opener pictured is not great for walkthrough gates, they work great for driveway entry gates such as chain link gates, wrought iron gates, decorative gates, and steel farm gates. Before you decide on the type of opener you are going to get, you need to do a little more research into the many different types out there, including automatic swing gate operators, automatic optical sensors, and load sensors.

You will also need to figure out if you are going to keep the current gate you have installed. If it is a wobbly, wooden gate that is rotting and falling apart, you may not want to install state of the art electric gate openers to it, because the strength of the opener alone will break the gate further. You may want to look into replacing the whole gate system – Magic Overhead Door Company can advise you on this as well.