Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

Lake Helen, Florida

Many of us have found out the hard way that it is much better to do things right the first time. That’s why it is important to thoroughly think through all details before building or adding to your business facility. That includes thinking about what kind of commercial garage doors you want to use for showroom entrances, loading docks or security entryways.

Purchasing a commercial overhead door is much different than buying a residential one. With a residential garage door there are many thoughts that go through the mind of a homeowner. First is style, “how will this door fit with the aesthetics of my home,” then comes security, “how will this door protect my belongings,” then the homeowner considers utility, “how often will this door be used and by whom?”

Conversely, when thinking about an overhead door with a commercial mindset the thought process is most often reversed. The business person will first think about how often the door will be used and by whom. Then, but still important, the amount of security needed from a door is considered. And lastly the business owner will think about where the doors will be placed and the style or aesthetics of how the door will fit with the rest of the building.