New Garage Doors and Garage Door Repairs

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Nowadays the old traditional swing type garage door has been replaced with the more modern overhead door model. Most people today prefer to have the overhead type because of their ease of use. Unlike the older traditional swing out garage door the overhead types roll up, this can be done either manually or via remote control. New Smyrna Beach garage doors allow for easy access for your car or truck especially when an overhead type is installed.

There are many different types of design for an overhead garage door; some of the more popular types are the tilt-up, roll over and sectional type doors. The oldest type here is the tilt-up; it’s made up of a single panel and is raised up in line with the garage ceiling. The roll-up type of garage door is usually made up with a number of smaller panels that are linked together to form a single unit and are rolled up into a coil when they are opened. The third most popular are the sectional units, normally constructed with three or four panels fixed together with either axles or hinges and also roll into a coil overhead when opened.