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Many homeowners will spend hours and hundreds or even thousands of dollars upgrading their bathroom and living rooms or buying new furniture for their homes; however, few of them realize that their garage doors require maintenance too and have to be adjusted or even replaced from time to time. Every time you open and close your garage, all of its components go through wear and tear and sometimes work themselves loose and many people let their garage doors go for years or even decades without being properly maintained. You would not let your car go 100,000 miles without any oil changes or tune-ups and that same principle should apply to your garage door. Simple routine maintenance can prevent any potential accidents and thus save your life or the life of a loved one.

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs
Garage doors may not seem very dangerous; however, if you consider that they often weigh 300 – 400 pounds and are held up by few springs and cables, you may want to stop for a second and recognize the dangers posed by your garage door. Although it is a great convenience to have garage door springs that open and close the garage door for you, garage door springs need to be properly maintained and replaced. When your Daytona Beach garage door is closed, the springs are very tightly stretched, and believe it or not, are in a very dangerous state. The enormous tension that the cables and springs are under stores a large amount of potential energy. This can prove to be very dangerous if that potential energy is suddenly converted to kinetic (moving) energy. In other words, don’t loosen anything that may be attached to any springs or cables, even if the garage door is in a closed state. There is still a high risk for danger.