Prepare Your Garage Door Before the Hurricane

Hurricane Preparedness Guide for Homeowners in Flagler and Volusia Counties, Florida

There is a reason hurricane preparedness is important when it comes to your garage door: the garage door is almost always the largest opening in a structure and therefore the number one breech when a windstorm of extreme velocity hits. If a hurricane takes your garage door off, the perimeter has been breeched and your roof is then very likely blow off. A windload-rated garage door will protect your family and your home from the danger of a garage door that is sucked in or blown out during a Florida hurricane.

Your garage door should meet (or even better: surpass) all local, state, and federal wind code requirements. It should also have a hurricane safety system that can be quickly and easily applied. Windload-rated doors give you peace of mind while the extra hurricane post installation insures that high speed winds can knock on your garage door all they want, but they will not be allowed in.

Would you like a hurricane resistance test or demonstration of how to prepare your own garage door for hurricanes?

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