New Garage Doors and Garage Door Repairs

Orange City, Florida

Orange City garage doors will normally be constructed from a range of materials the most common of these are; aluminum, steel, wood and fiberglass. Steel doors tend to be the more popular of these materials as they are affordable, quite easily installed and give a higher degree of protection. Aluminum is a very popular choice for those that live in areas with inclement weather conditions such as coastal regions as they are very resistant to rust and corrosion. Fiberglass is one of the more durable and stronger materials used for garage doors which tend to make it one of the more expensive types of overhead door. The traditional wooden garage doors although is still quite popular because of their aesthetic good looks but are not so durable and require more maintenance.

Each different design will have its own unique advantages and benefits. The roll-up types for instance are very good for garages that have a high opening and do not require a lot of ceiling space. Tilt doors being the older type are less expensive but do have a better aesthetic appearance giving smooth clean lines. Probably the most popular type the sectional door has great durability and better security; they give good protection in almost any weather conditions. You can purchase garage doors in a variety of different designs and styles.